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Office Ladies Wearable Health Equipment Neck Circle Massager
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Office Ladies Wearable Health Equipment Neck Circle Massager



1. What is Wearable Health Equipment?

Wearing comfortably even no feeling

Don’t interfere the normal life in the using process

Appearance should be suitable for use situation and the environment

Portable and wireless is one of the most basic requirements



2. Major cause of cervical spine problems

1). Chronic strain: long-term damage to the local muscle, ligament, joint capsule can cause local hemorrhage, edema, and inflammation changes, gradually inflammation in machine in the lesion area, and the formation of bone hyperplasia, affect local nerves and blood vessels.Each one of us are not consciously wear our cervical vertebra

2). Bad posture: bad posture, bowed their heads and work for a long time, lying on the bed to watch TV, read a book, like the rest, the operation of a computer for a long time. The rotation of the severe neck or head, sleep in driving the car, all these bad posture can make the neck muscles in a state of chronic fatigue, prone to damage, most of the time, we have to get into bad posture!

3). Cervical dysplasia or defect: Asian populations relative to Europe and the United States people vertebral canal volume smaller, more prone to compression of the bone marrow, produce symptoms, congenital bad, no wonder our cervical vertebra have a problem!



3. Appliable range:One key shortcuts for six cervical spine problems

Neck muscle spasm and pain

Straighten stiff spine after driving and watching TV

Headache, dizziness caused by cervical vertebra problems

The upper limb numbness caused by cervical vertebra problems

Blood pressure disorder caused by cervical vertebra problems

Dizzy caused by cervical vertebra problems

Neck Circle---Comprehensive solution to stretches the life


4. Product characters:


1). TCM meridian principle + three massage technology:

Imitation of traditional Chinese medicine cervical massage hold direct effects on the three main point (the wind pool, wind house, the da-zhui acupuncture point), invigorate the circulation of blood, relieve neck fatigue and soreness, away from dizziness have a headache.

2). Don’t take energy: Designed circularly according to the human body mechanics function, you can naturally wear it around your neck, and your body does not need to movement. you can do other things in the using process.

3). Portable: Compact and fashionable,charging li-ion battery , easy to carry when you work, travel and live, ready to use.

4). Time: One key operating system,wearing for ten minutes is the equivalent effect of cervical massage excises for half an hour and one hour movement for cervical health care.



5. Product functions:

1). Far infrared point-pressing

Cross the body surface, act directly on the acupuncture point, invigorate the circulation of blood, dredge meridian, loose neck stiff, away from dizziness and headache.
2). Rectangular wave physical therapy:

Stimulate the cervical cells, motor nerve and acupuncture point to promote cervical cells metabolism, improve the neck microenvironment, arouse the motor nerve activity and make the neck energetic again.
3). Multiple frequency vibration lapping:

Massage and flap through simulating human to eliminate fatigue, relax muscles, promote blood circulation, relieve muscle damage, inflammation and other symptoms.



Acupuncture point encyclopedia: Dazhui is the hey point among the du meridian,which is the preferred acupuncture for the treatment of cervical spondylosis. Du meridian is "the sea of Yang pulse", owns the spirit of the whole body. Wind pool, wind mansion, mainly treat the headache,dizziness and neck stiffness.Three points will invigorate the circulation of blood, relieve tendons, effectively improve the shoulder stiffness, and ease the ministry ache for the reconstruction of your cervical vertebra health.



6. Product Model


Standard Version:one key operation; High capacity rechargeable battery; Light and convenient

Intelligent Version:Increase the smartphone operating, recording and sharing functions

Gift Version:Surface with swarovskis crystal and pearl powder spraying(With big capacity Charger Baby, convenient for travel use)



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